“With the birth of a baby,
comes the birth of a Mother”

Pregnancy Blessing

In a Blessing session I combine my love for ritual work with healing. These are 3 consecutive private sessions. The Blessings give you support as a future mother, they strengthen the bond with your family lineage and feed your self-confidence it is a magical gift to yourself to support your "9 moons" journey.

Hello Beautiful Future Mother! Whether you want to become pregnant or are pregnant. From the moment you expressed your desire to have children, your family tree has been awakened. Just like in a fairy tale where the princess is kissed awake and the whole castle wakes up! Your ancestors do not want to miss this joyous event. And as an energetic "baby shower", they have gifts in the form of Blessings. During pregnancy you have extra power at your disposal to melt old sores, fears and family karma like snow in the sun

During an intake session we discuss the challenges you are facing with regard to becoming pregnant or being pregnant. What do you want to heal before you have a child? We also discuss the things you want to be supported in. E.g. daring to receive new life, finding yourself worthy of receiving this gift of new life, having the courage to fully accept the process of change, nurture and fully love new life. Having the courage to give birth in your own way.

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