“Healing your birth experience
to balance and empower yourself

What is the Rebozo ritual?

This ritual concludes the 4th trimester of a pregnancy. It can also take place after a miscarriage or major life event. The ritual gives you the space you need to start your personal healing, to thank your body for all the hard work it did during pregnancy and labour, to process the birth and reconnect with your body.

The evening before the ritual, preparation starts with a herbal bath. The ritual itself starts with a short body massage (head, arms, hands, legs and feet) to relax you completely. Then you get the time to share your birth story and let your emotions flow. Then you lie down quietly and receive an oceandrum sound bath to relax well before the closing ritual. The body is carefully wrapped in cloths from head to foot. The Sacred Woods attendants will bring these to an appropriate pleasant tension so that you, as a mother, can completely turn in on yourself. In a cocoon of cloths, body and mind can rest completely. Finally, one by one the cloths are loosened and you awake from a cocoon and feel reborn.

Info about Naming
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