Naming and Baptismal Rite

Naming and Baptismal Rite

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“May this child be blessed…

What is the Naming and Baptism Rite?

This celebration is called 'beartas toyr' among the Celts. It is the ceremony of blessing the destiny of life. The "naming" of the baby is central to this. It is also a baptismal ritual.

Remnants of this originally Celtic naming ritual can be found in fairy tales. E.g. the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. Here, three fairies appear at the cradle of the baby on the day that the king and queen give her a big party. The fairies each give a wish/ blessing/talent to the baby, to support the child in her future life. And one of the fairies gives the baby her name, Sleeping Beauty. Besides the giving of the name, this is central: giving wishes and blessings to the new baby and accepting the baby into the family circle. The ritual can be further enhanced by: red apple ceremony, promise of the parents, the wish blessing of the 4 elements (fairies) and handing over of birth gifts.