Celtic Dream Journeys

Celtic Dream Journeys

In this online programme, I am your guide to the Celtic dream world.
The 13 guided meditations are a guide to your personal inner journeys.
After payment you get 3 years of access, so you can make the journeys several times.
You can do this programme on your own or together with a friend.
See "Bring a Friend" option.

250.00 VAT incl.



The purpose of these inner journeys is to expand your consciousness, get to know yourself better and self development. Whether you would like more love, peace, energy in your life . You can decide with which intention you start your journey. The 13 themes that will be discussed: growth, forgiveness, expressing yourself, love, connection to nature, faith, passion, unity, power of thought, vocation, abundance, relaxation and transformation

Let's travel!


"Bring a friend"
Are you someone who likes to have a travel companion?
Invite a friend to make the inner journeys in pairs or in a small group!
The course costs 250 euros. If you sign up with 2 people, the price is halved. Each person pays 125 euro.
Send me the e-mail address of your friend and I will make sure that after payment, everyone gets access.


Is this course for you?

Take a look at the course and a sample lesson !