Plant a Tree Project

Plant a Tree Project

Sacred Woods Garden

As a co-founder of Sacred Woods asbl and a tree-lover, it is certain that once we have found a domain, many trees will be planted! On this page you will find in the future different initiatives to support our "plant a tree action".

By buying this book you are helping to make our dream of the Temple garden come true. The commission as translator of this book goes to the planting of trees!

Het kleine boek der Celtic Reiki Wijsheid

The book was originally written in English by Martyn Pentecost, the founder of Celtic Reiki. It all began when he combined the insights of Usui Reiki with the wisdom of the trees. Through the years Celtic Reiki has grown from a seed into an immense rainforest!
Everything starts small. In this small book you will be introduced to the native Celtic trees , but also to the tree family that is spread all over the world. You will discover the wisdom of 45 Tree Essences. And who knows, maybe you will meet a friendly Book Gnome.

56 pages / 9.99 euro

The book will be ready to go out into the world on April 23rd, 2022

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