Remote and Online

Remote and Online

"Our life threads are
always connected to each other
even at a distance because ...
... Everything is energy!"

Distance Healing / Photo Healing

Remote Healing
60 min – 60 euro

What is it?

Energy is everywhere and has no limits. A healing treatment at a distance is just as effective as a healing in the field. For some people this form of healing works even better because you stay in your familiar surroundings, you can choose your own music and you can easily open up and relax.

How does it work?

  • Send an e-mail with your photo and full name. Describe as well as possible what is going on. What is the reason that you are e-mailing now? Where do you experience resistance? What emotions are challenging you right now? What thoughts are holding you back? What are your wishes and expectations about this healing.
  • Make sure you can sit or lie down somewhere quiet at the appointed time. (In bed, under your favourite tree...)
  • After the healing session you will receive a short email in which I explain what I experienced during the healing. You will also receive an explanation of the essences I worked with during the healing.

Online coaching

Online Coaching
60 min – 60 euro

It is also possible to opt for an online intake interview and online counselling.