Healing met Bomen Essences
en Celtic Reiki

Healing met Bomen Essences en Celtic Reiki

“To heal is to touch with love.”

1 hour 15 minutes - 65 euro
This healing is part of a personal programme. 
The Trees and Nature Essences provide a healing environment.

What are Tree Essences?

Have you ever wondered why you feel better after a walk in the woods? It is because in the forest we are immersed in the "natural energy vibration of the Trees". When you are relaxed, you perceive things differently than when you are stressed. Your perspective changes. This is what the "Tree Essences" or the natural vibration of the Trees do for you. They bring deep relaxation and a new perspective.

For whom?

When you are ready for insight and a new perspective on your life. You cannot erase the facts that have happened in your life, but what you can do is look at them differently. This healing helps you to see and honour your own growth. It helps you to see everything in a different light. And be open again for forgiveness, acceptance and love.

How does a Healing with Tree Essences work?

The session starts with a short visualisation and a relaxing foot massage with Tree Essences. This will bring you into a deep relaxation and immersion in the healing vibrations of the trees. After a session you experience the loving support of the Tree Essences in your heart and a deep connection with the Earth.

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