You secretly celebrate this ritual!

Whenever I tell my son there is a birthday coming up. His immediate respons is: "Yeah, cake! "Be honest. Is this your first thought too? Think back to a special birthday. See in front your minds eye the round cake with the candles. A beautiful circle with glowing candles, in honour of your birth day. Or rather, your birth night!

In ancient times people did not count in days but in nights. The night of your birth was celebrated. In the old days, we as mankind were much more linked to the rhythm of the moon and most babies were born around a full moon. Hence, the birthday cake has the round shape of the moon!

Centuries ago, your cake would have appeard out of the darkness as a beautifully glowing full moon. A 'birthnight' cake was used to thank the moon goddess who supported your entire birth process.

So the next time you eat cake on a birthday, know that you are secretly performing an ancient moon ritual !


Until our paths cross

Anke Colson

Custom made Rituals
by Vizualia

About the Author:
Anke Colson

Anke is a dreamer and an adventurer. She is guided by her curious nature, practicality and sensitivity. She has incorporated her experience in designing and performing rituals into her energy work. This is how her unique way of healing came into being. As an Energetic Therapist she shows you a path to connect with your own magical and healing life in your own way.

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