The little Book of Celtic Reiki Wisdom

Little things can stir big transformations.

This is such a little thing that can be an enormous support to you. It is apt for everybody that likes to remember its connection to our earth self.

Every one of us holds a magical spark. You might call it your inner child, inner dragon, unicorn, kabouter, or inner tree. This part of us is limitless, can imagine miracles and might be a tad bit to positive. You might say, it needs some firm boundaries now and than! And that's exactly what we do, as we grow up. We limit this part of us. We might even stop paying attention to it and even forget it al together!

It never disappears. This magical spark is restless and waiting in the shadows. The moment we realise we are "stuck" and we want more from life, more fun, another path, and creative solutions, that's the perfect time to pick up this book and let magic back into your life! 

All this ancient old wisdom in a nutshell!

This book is authored by Martyn Pentecost, creator of Celtic Reiki. He combined the wisdom of Usui Reiki with the ancient magic of the trees. Through the years Celtic Reiki has grown from a seed into an immense rainforest! Celtic Reiki is now part of a vast complementary therapy known as One Therapy.

In this little book you will be introduced to the native Celtic trees , and also to the tree family that is spread all over the world. You will discover the wisdom of 45 Tree Essences.And who knows, maybe you will make friends with a cozy Book Brownie.
Author: Martyn Pentecost
This book is translated in German and Spanish. The Dutch version is translated by Anke Colson

56 pages

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