Anke Colson - My Story

Anke Colson - My story

I have always felt a bit "different". I was very sensitive to atmospheres.

By drawing, reading stories and dreaming I made my world a little more beautiful and magical. Nature and magical stories about: druids, fairies, knights and Avalon were already a great source of inspiration for me then. One of my favourite books was: "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table". When, as a 10-year-old, I discovered that the places in my children's books really existed, I knew that magic had to be real too! My interest was piqued.

As a young girl, I spent a lot of time in the library, poring over the esoteric section. I soon knew that "love" was the key to a magical life. As a teenager, I began to study power places, moon rituals, the Celts and oracles. For my thesis I met a female Druid. The living example that it is also possible to choose a spiritual path in this day and age. But before I could walk this path myself ... I still had a long way to go to learn to deal with my own high sensitivity.
With my degree in Business Communication, I started as a franchise entrepreneur. As a business leader, I learned that communication with hidden agendas does not work, what happens when you ignore your intuition, how you completely overstep your boundaries and lose yourself when you go over them, and how you then work towards burn-out. In 2004 I decided to do things completely differently! I followed courses in meditation, aura + chakra learning and massage techniques. This felt like coming home. The desire to start my own practice slowly grew. In 2008 I graduated as an academic coach and counsellor and started working professionally as a career coach. I soon realised that the questions my clients were struggling with were not so much related to their jobs as to their sense of purpose and an unresolved past. That is why I have immersed myself in creative therapy, magical work and all kinds of therapy and healing(LinkedIn)).

On my discovery journey I came across "Celtic Reiki".

Things started to take off! My love for tree essences grew into a passion and I started getting wonderful results using the tree essences in treatments. (recently I translated this book into Dutch!). Gradually the call to follow my own path grew and so in 2012 Vizualia was founded. I started to give creative workshops and courses about the knowledge that has kept me healthy and stable throughout the years: connection with the trees, the cycle of the moon and the Celtic year wheel. Everything I learned as a healer and coach I use in my therapy work. I incorporate my creativity, love of symbolism and ancient civilisations into customised rituals for weddings, births and other important moments.

Here you can listen to an interview  voor internet tv programma “De Spirituele Wereld” beluisteren en nog wat meer van mijn verhaal ontdekken.

Family life is a source of inspiration to me.

foto praktijk vizualia

Na de geboorte van een klein wondertje “Thorin”, zijn er nieuwe wensen ontstaan. Het verlangen om voor de volgende generatie iets na te laten. Dit project hebben we met een gepassioneerd team in 2021 opgestart “Sacred Woods 

I have walked many roads and gradually learned how to create my own path.

If I can do it, so can you! Throughout the years I have met wonderful teachers who have helped me a step further. It is my wish to temporarily be such a guide for you.


Anke Colson