Yes, change is possible!

Take a breath and listen to the voice within...  

I show you a path to inner peace and inner fire ...
Guiding you from the healing proces ... to living your dream life!

Anke Colson

Energetic Therapist – Celtic Reiki HealerFounder Sacred Woods asbl

I am specialized in working with (highly) sensitive persons. I teach you how to use practical and healing exercises to keep your heart open ... no matter what happens around you. 

My wish for you is that you can feel at home in a world that is not perfect.
That you can finally relax and be free to be who you are. How much magical life force would then start to flow in yourself and your world?

Worrying, Sleep Problems, Stress, Emotional Trauma, Lack of energy

Recognise this?

The result is that you often feel disappointed in relationships with others and the outside world. You feel not fully understood and not heard. In fact, not supported and not fully loved. A feeling of being far from home creeps up on you.

And right here in this darkness you can turn the tide.
By making a choice.
You can choose something else at any time!
A new path!

Joy, Inner peace, Feeling hopeful, Experience freedom ...

What if I tell you there is such a way!

A path that leads to an environment in which you can blossom. A path that reconnects you with your creative soul, free spirit and magical core. What would your life be like if you:

The first step

I love to hear your life stories during an intake. We will discuss which therapy, healing, or coaching can best help you onward on your new path!

Peace of mind
Joy in your heart
A balanced life
Yes, it is possible
And the path
is closer than you think ...

Mid-Zomer Ritueel

De zonnekracht is nu maximaal en dat is te voelen dit weekend! Het thema van de zonnewende gaat over expressie. Kan je jezelf en je emoties makkelijk uiten? Of voel je toch wel vaak spanning rond je keel- en…

De Hartslag van de Aarde

Wanneer je in het bos gaat wandelen zie je het in de felle groene kleur van de blaadjes, je voelt het in de toenemende warmte van de zonnestralen. De krachtige hartslag van de aarde. Doe je schoenen en je…

Spiral Activation March 21th

The roots of the trees have been fed all winter long. They are ready to bring the life force up the tree and create beautiful blossem. How are your roots doing? Do you feel confident, well rested and ready to go into the world?